Let’s be honest: America is heading towards a very rough year as far as national politics are concerned, and the four years following it are probably not going to be much better. No matter how you slice it, we’re in trouble.

On the one hand, you have the Republican Party, a veritable clown car of clueless clods clambering over one another to claim the crown. The most outrageous candidates, Trump and Carson, absolutely terrify me. Not just because they’re terrible candidates, and not just because so many people seem to be taking them seriously. No, the larger issue is that their craziness makes the lunacy of the next tier down of nutjobs (Cruz comes to mind) seem sane. And, of course, the semi-reasonable candidates like Paul and Kasich stand no chance when thrown in amongst the throng.

Turning to the other end of the spectrum, you have … a tumbleweed rolling through, since the Democratic field for 2016 is akin to a ghost town. Yes, of course, you have Bernie Sanders in the race despite the media’s best efforts to bury him, and Martin O’Malley has somehow managed to avoid a knockout blow so far. But neither of them stand a real chance of winning the nomination, no matter how much popular support Sen. Sanders is able to drum up. And even if he did get the nod, would he be able to win in the general election? And Clinton, the inevitable …

No matter how the final contest shakes out, I have no hope for this election producing the best results for America or the world at large. I want to have hope in America’s future, but instead I watch the debates, the news coverage, the constant stream of nonsense, and I feel nothing but dread.