I’ll put the story first this time around, and the commentary after.

I Escape Now From That World

 Well, hell, son. What’re you waiting for?

 That’s the question I’ve been asking myself most of my life. What am I waiting for? Why am I waiting for it? Why don’t I just get up and do something about it?

 Of course, the time I spend thinking this, I don’t actually do anything. I sit there, paralyzed by my thoughts as they beat down on my psyche and throw it in my face that I’m not doing anything. And when I realize that, that’s when I get myself into trouble. I stand at the proverbial precipice between perpetual stasis and doing something crazy. Something I know I shouldn’t do; but isn’t it better to do something, anything, rather than just sit around hating myself for doing nothing?

 The conflict is too much, and I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t stand hating myself for the things I never do, the things I can’t bring myself to do, the things I will never be able to convince myself to do. What a waste my life has been, all of it. The opportunities I’ve squandered, the potential relationships I’ve let slip by me. I can’t go on.

 I stand at the precipice.

Yes, it’s another dark one. The title is an obvious, heavy-handed reference to Les Miserables—”I escape now from that world, from the world of Jean Valjean”. And that gives you an idea of what kind of precipice the character stands at in the last sentence of the story. 

This is another dip into the mind of a deeply disturbed character paralyzed by his own inability to handle life. Unlike the previous story, though, this one sticks to just his thoughts, with no real attention to the setting or other people. This is someone who, rather than sinking deeper into the funk, takes action—in the completely wrong direction. This one is probably not a story I ever see myself revisiting.