Finished this one late due to family obligations. I probably won’t be posting whatever I write the rest of this weekend—more family obligations.

Winding Roads

 The rolling hills and centuries-old horse farms were a sight to behold, if only he could spare the attention. He’d always wanted to take the time to walk these winding roads, or at least drive through at a more leisurely pace. It would have been nice, at some point. It would have been especially nice with the right company. But there was no helping it now.

 The road signs read 40; the yellow sign that followed it indicated hazardous twists ahead. He ignored both of them, stomping his foot against the gas and weaving his way along the path through the trees and fields. A squirrel darted out in front of him; while normally he would have swerved or stopped completely to avoid the poor creature, this time he made no such effort. If there was the telltale thump, it didn’t even register with him.

 It no longer made a difference to him; none of it did. With the right company, he wouldn’t be in this situation. But there was no helping it now. He just went faster, took each turn harder, hoping that each one would be his last. It was the only way he would forget her.