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Who Are You? (And Why Should We Care?)

Let’s call the writer of this “outstanding” [laugh track] blog-a-majig Doctor Wallaby. He is not a doctor, not even the way that Dr. Pepper is a doctor, but his professors in college referred to their best students as “doctor” as a sign of respect. Or condescension. Or whatever. And it gives him the illusion of authority. Which is either really good, or really bad. Neither is he a wallaby. Although wallabies are pretty cool, right? They’re like little kangaroos. But I digress … “Wallaby” was one of the names his cruel classmates called him in grade school, and it makes for a good nom de plume, right? So Doctor Wallaby it is.

Doctor Wallaby has a degree in English, a wide variety of interests, and would love some feedback. Or a paid job. Or whatever. Thank you for reading!


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